Iron Gypsy Coaching

Holistic Transformation Specialist
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Life and Spiritual Coach 

Iron Gypsy Coaching is NOT your typical online training program where you get workouts, a few instructions and you’re sent on your merry way.

This is NOT a diet program where you count calories or macros for six weeks, completely deprive yourself — only to end up worse off than when you started.

I’m NOT a typical “contest prep” or transformation coach — concerned only about getting you stage, bikini or board short ready while sacrificing your overall health, happiness and life outside the gym.

And I’m NOT a typical life or spiritual coach either — only teaching you how to sit in quiet saying “OM” or making plans you’ll never utilize.

All of those things are fantastic if you’re looking for the ONE THING that will change your life. The challenge is, most of us NEED IT ALL! Let me guess, you don’t have the time or the money to go running around to 4+ different coaches?!

I can relate.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours and nearly burned myself out doing all these things. Plus, one would tell me something, only for another to tell me the exact opposite!

Enter Iron Gypsy Coaching. I am your one-stop-shop to guide you to a stress-free, balanced, healthy, happy, fulfilled life. I have worked hand-in-hand with dozens of clients who have transformed their bodies and their mindset to live true to who they are. We’ve overcome years of limiting beliefs and failed diets, workouts and gimmicks to get them exactly what they had been searching through countless dollars and hours and frustration!

Iron Gypsy is unlike any other program on the marketplace, combining:

  • Cutting edge training techniques: I’ve traveled the world and trained with some of the best hypertrophy and strength coaches in the industry. I’m Poliquin International Certification Program Level I and II certified, a program that has been used with successful Olympic and pro athletes.
  • Training with Intention philosophy: My own approach to training that will save you time, get you results and prevent injuries!
  • Precision Nutrition Basics: I’m Precision Nutrition Level I certified, and we’ll use these tried and true, basic philosophies to get you the same results that thousands of others have received through the Precision Nutrition Program! I’ve summarized the key points from the year-long program into a simple and easy-to-read guidance document, plus I’ll be your personal coach along the way!
  • “Progress Not Perfection” approach: Rather than striving for perfection at every moment, you’ll learn how to eat according to what your body needs, striving for progress each day versus 100 percent perfection only to fail longterm. Through this approach we achieve LASTING results.
  • Yoga and meditation for real life: Always wanted to try yoga and/or meditation but you just don’t get it? I’ve coached dozens of people on simple strategies to make meditation and yoga part of their daily lives, yielding amazing results for stress-reduction, anxiety and health.
  • Self-development made easy: Don’t have time to spend sifting through the work of countless self-development gurus?  I do the work for you and serve it up in bite-size, relatable videos and supporting activities allowing you to uncover limiting beliefs and revolutionize your approach to life in as little as 30 minutes per week!
  • Journaling and self-reflection that breaks all the rules: If you’re one of those people who think journaling includes writing long paragraphs of complete sentences or that it has to take hours upon hours, you’ve never tried the Iron Gypsy approach. We break all the rules about what you thought self-reflection should be and do it YOUR WAY ON YOUR TERMS with coaching and thought-provoking questions from me. The Iron Gypsy approach will get right to the heart of the issues to catapult your internal transformation.
  • A tribe of badass Iron Gypsies and Iron Warriors: Not everyone is cut out to be part of this tribe, but you can bet that those that are will be the type of people you want to surround yourself with — health-minded, goal-oriented, authentic, hard-working, never-settling, deep and beautiful human beings!
  • A personalized approach: Whether you’re in group coaching, a platinum membership or a one-on-one client, each person is handled with a unique approach. I’ll help you uncover what works for you and will coach you in a way that motivates and inspires YOU! You’ll get what you need, when you need it!
  • A coach who walks the talk: I’m committed to everything I coach — health over quick results, eating real and healthy food, training and living with intention, balance, putting people first, growth, contribution, spiritual connection, self-love, authenticity, truth and LOVE!
  • A coach who CARES: I’m invested in the success of each and every one of my clients. I do this because it’s my passion and my life’s purpose. I devote hours every week and thousands of dollars every year to my personal growth and “keeping my cup full” so that I can freely give to those I work with. Sure, I could pump out online training programs and have thousands of clients, but my mission is help people truly transform, as I continue on my own journey. We’ll do this together. We’ll learn from one another. I will never tell you what to do. My job is to guide, educate and help you find the answers for yourself.


Where focus goes, energy flows. Some clients tackle transforming everything at once. Others prioritize. Each client will be coached through a goal-setting process that will help you uncover what’s been holding you back, determine what’s most important to you and help you focus your energy and intention guaranteeing results. Over time, you can and WILL see results in ALL of these areas. I will do everything in my power to help you get there.

Clients who commit 100 percent and  dig deep – both physically and emotionally – WILL TRANSFORM.

Again, all it takes is 100 percent commitment. I believe every single client I take on has the power to change. I will accept nothing less. I will help you believe in yourself.

Pardon my language but…F*&% fear. F*&%  the past. F*&% the barriers. LET’S DO THIS!

Health Outcomes 

  • A stronger, healthier, more youthful body.
  • More lean muscle.
  • Less body fat.
  • More energy.
  • Better sleep.
  • Less pain.
  • Less stress.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Improved body awareness.
  • Less emotional eating.
  • No yo-yo dieting.
  • No “falling off” your fitness routine.

Happiness Outcomes 

  • Authentic self-love.
  • Deeper self-awareness.
  • More confidence.
  • More positivity.
  • More joy.
  • Better time management.
  • More alignment and fulfillment.
  • Better relationships.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Less fear.
  • Less anxiety.
  • Less depression.
  • More fun!

How we can get you there: 

  • Personalized nutrition and fitness coaching to keep you on track no matter what life throws at you.
  • A coach and “tribe” to hold you accountable, offer solutions to the barriers in the way of your success and cheer you on.
  • Nutrition guidance based on real food and will give you the energy you need to tackle life. You’ll learn to make healthy decisions for yourself rather than counting calories and abiding by a set “meal plan” for the rest of your life.
  • Fitness programming that fits into your lifestyle and schedule, designed to change your body and overall health. Training with intention to save you time in the gym and unnecessary strain on your body. You’ll lift better and feel younger and healthier!
  • Self-development tools and strategies to overcome stress and live a happier and healthier life.
  • Meditation coaching to slow you down, improve health and bring you back to “center.”

Coaching Commitment

When it comes to finding a fitness and nutrition coach, I believe it’s important to select a coach who aligns with your personal goals and preferences. My coaching commitment summarizes my values as a coach and my commitment to my clients:

  • Health trumps all.
  • Self-love is the key to success.
  • Grow or die.
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Progress not perfection.
  • Never settle.
  • Focus on what you CAN DO.
  • Choices, choices, choices.
  • Be a friend and a coach.
  • Never ask a client to do something you wouldn’t do personally.
  • Honor unique personalities, lifestyles and goals.

Kesley’s Courses and Accomplishments:IMG_9475

  • Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP), Level I and Level II
  • Muscle Nerds Level I Course
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
  • MI-40 Hypertrophy Camp with Ben Pakulski
  • M-10 Physique Camp with Mark Coles
  • Crossfit Gymnastics Certification
  • Transcendental Meditation training and practitioner
  • Swami Rama Yoga Teacher Training Program (completed 120 hours)
  • One World Academy “Being Limitless”
  • Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within
  • Tony Robbins Date with DestinyTony Robbins Leadership Mastery (currently enrolled)
  • Gabby Bernstein’s “Spirit Junkie Masterclass” (currently enrolled)
  • Personal fitness transformation and WBFF Houston, Fitness Diva Short Class, First Place, 2015
  • Previous Spinning instructor and Half marathon training coach
  • Formerly corporate public relations manager; left industry to pursue my passion for fitness
  • Strategic planning specialist and Masters in Business Administration
  • 7 marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2008 (P.R. 3:21:19)


How is this program any different from what I’ve tried in the past?

You will get results, but this is not a quick-fix or a one-dimensional approach. You will transform from the inside out. The foundation of my coaching programs is self-awareness, self-love and overall health. You will come to know yourself, love yourself and learn to make make choices that will fuel your health and happiness. And, you will ENJOY THIS JOURNEY.

As your coach, my job is to help you clearly identify your goals, work with you to develop a strategy that fits your preferences and lifestyle, hold you accountable and help you remove the roadblocks that get in the way of your success. This approach will work because it puts you in the driver’s seat with someone who’s been down the same road you are going down now. I’ll be your tour guide, and your cheerleader when you need it!  We’ll track progress and use an approach proven to get results. This will not be a cookie-cutter, quick fix approach. Our goal is to develop a program that you enjoy following so that it can become a valued part of your life.

Why choose Kesley Tweed as your coach?

  • I’ve traveled the world to educate myself and am committed to continuing to learn and use the best strategies with my clients.
  • I’ve tried just about everything and have learned the hard way what doesn’t work.
  • I come from a demanding, high-stress job and understand what it’s like to try to balance our health with external demands.
  • I walk the talk. I practice the strategies that I use with my clients.
  • Body image, self-esteem, confidence and stress have been battles I’ve had to fight. I understand the challenges.
  • Your health comes first. No gimmicks. No quick results. We’ll use real food, workouts that fit your specific needs and fitness level and a realistic approach to meeting your goals. Health always comes first.
  • Stress reduction, quality of life and fulfillment come before all! It’s about progress not perfection! 

It sounds like you focus a lot more on internal than external. What’s all this “self-love” stuff about? I want to see results. 

My purpose with Iron Gypsy is to truly transform and uncover the most authentic, healthy, happy version of you — from the inside out. The clients who have seen the greatest results have committed to the internal game. They came to Iron Gyspy because they tried other fads, gimmicks, macro plans,  and “diets” that didn’t work. The reason it didn’t work was because it was the inside game they had to master first.

Your Iron Gypsy Journey will be a  process of shedding your old skin to reveal a beautiful, radiant body and soul. You will need to dig deep and commit to see lasting results. If you commit, yes, I can guarantee you will see a true transformation that is much deeper than loosing body fat, building glutes, seeing your abs or building massive biceps.

If you want TRUE, holistic transformation, I’M THE COACH FOR YOU! If you’re just looking for another quick fix or to get lean, shredded or massive — I’ll be honest. There are probably a lot of other coaches out there will be a better fit for you. Iron Gypsy/Iron Warrior clients will be asked to commit to the internal game just as much as the outside game. As a result, you will see REAL TRANSFORMATION.

Can you guarantee results?

You will get out of this what you put into it. Commit to your goal, going deep, a team approach, a open mind, a positive attitude, progress over time and you will get results. Self-development is not for sissies. The nutrition and fitness is the easy part. You have to commit to learning about and loving you, and doing the digging that is required to get there.

Most importantly, you must WANT TO CHANGE. If you want it bad enough, we will get results!

Can you tell me more about your nutrition program?

My main focus is to help you improve your eating and exercise habits—all within the context of your day to-day life. It’s not a quick fix or a crazy diet program but will help you build habits that last forever. Rather than a “meal plan,” you’ll be provided with an educational nutrition guide and coaching to help you make better decisions – based on listening to your own body. I will educate you, and you will become an expert at managing your own body and nutritional needs.

Meal plans, macro-counting and diets aren’t  sustainable. People often feel like they’re either “on” them or “off” them. This means you get to choose—with my help—which foods are best for you, when to eat those foods, and how much to eat.

What kind of workouts will I receive? Do I have to do strength training? Do I need a gym membership?

The amount and type of strength training will vary based on your goals and comfort level. The majority of my programming can be completed at home with light, medium and heavy dumbbells. Personalized programs are available for individual needs and goals.

I have a busy schedule. How much time will I need to commit?

My job is to help you identify simple changes to make health and fitness a part of your life so that you can be healthier and happier. An average of one hour 3-5 days per week for training is a general rule of thumb. We’ll also discuss strategies for quick and easy meal prep and meals on the go.

What does your self-development entail? 

When clients commit to a body transformation, many times they realize how capable they are of achieving things they never thought were possible. This is the perfect time to grow as a person, in addition to making changes to physical appearance and health. Do you want to strive for a promotion at work? Improve relationships? Find the woman/man of your dreams? Work on defining your values? Identify your life’s purpose? These goals can be addressed alongside your body transformation goals. My goal is to work with you to make a you a more healthy, confident, strong and FULFILLED individual. I rely heavily on my background and belief in meditation. There are also journalizing activities, motivational quotes provided and you will complete your own personal goal identification process. We go deep! And it will be worth it!

I’m not spiritual, or I already have a religious practice. Will this program conflict with that? 

My approach to spirituality is to help you create an authentic, personal, deep connection with a Higher Power. If you’re not sure what you believe, let’s explore! If you already go to a Church, let’s discover how we can create an even more intimate and fulfilling relationship with Spirit. The program is non-denominational and more about connection through self-discovery than anything else.

What’s your story? What makes you qualified to be a coach?

Fitness and nutrition have fascinated me as long as I can remember, and like many of those I want to help, my weight and body image have been lifelong challenges. I remember doing workouts from “Teen Magazine” with water bottles in my bedroom growing up. In high school, I was active in sports but nearly starved myself due to food and body issues. During college and my early adult years, I tried every diet and workout strategy out there — from shakes, to counting calories, to high intensity training to marathon running, In January 2015, I finally met a quality coaching staff who taught me the value of strength training and proper nutrition based on real food. By November 2015, I lost double-digit body fat and competed in a fitness competition. Even more importantly, I got stronger and more confident. In mid-2016, I decided that helping others was my life purpose and began to seek additional training and education. Over the past year, I’ve traveled the world and immersed myself in health and fitness and personal growth books and other learning opportunities. I’m certified in Precision Nutrition and Poliquin Level I and II and have trained with some of the best health and fitness experts in the industry. Helping others uncover and become the highest version of themselves — physically, mentally and spiritually — is my mission in life. My commitment to you is to continue to learn the best strategies out there for helping you reach your goals and to be your supporter and coach along the way.

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