Intuition, truth and the voice of love

Let your intuition be your guide.

Each day, I’m learning more and more about who I really am. I’m learning how to listen to my inner voice of truth — my intuition — and make conscious choices based on this.

If sounds like a process of becoming, that’s partially true. But mostly it’s a practice of letting go.

It’s learning to live in the present and let go of past beliefs, future expectations and what others — or my ego — think.

It’s a practice of choosing LOVE over FEAR in EVERY MOMENT.

Am I perfect? No, but each day I feel more whole. More awake. More free.

Sometimes, following our intuition is  simple. Sometimes, it’s much more difficult. Yesterday, my intuition took me down a road I had never been down before. It said, “Listen to this song. Look this way. Enjoy this moment.” Yesterday, it was easy. And I had new revelations and let go — just a little more.

That is not always the case. Sometimes, our intuition challenges us. It calls us to release things that we’ve been clinging to for so long — habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve us. But it’s through answering these calls that we grow the most. Our intuition challenges us to hear the difference between love and fear and to draw a line between what’s our ego clinging to the familiar versus the real truth calling for us to expand our comfort zone.

The voice of fear and the voice of truth and love are MUCH different. If you begin to listen, you will hear it — AND FEEL IT — too.

They say the secret to succcess is to follow your “bliss.” Each day I see more and more that this is actually true. The more we let go and follow our intuition and “bliss” — the more we will give and receive. We will not only have more love. We will become and live in a state of LOVE.

So, where to start? Listen for the voice of truth in you. Trust it. Let your intuition be your guide. Choose love over fear. Your truth is not a voice of fear or judgment. It’s the voice of love.

aka “Iron Gypsy”

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