Roots and Wings: Iron Gypsy on “Family”


While spending time in North Dakota these past few months I was reminded of my roots — the love of the Tweed family I was born into and the small town environment I grew up in.

Each member of our family is unique — with our own strengths, points of view and personalities. This is what makes our relationship so beautiful and what makes us FAMILY.

As I spent time in this special place, I remembered the magic of this state.

North Dakota may be rural and sparsely populated, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. These people are my family — my roots. They showed me how to care about those around me and see them as more than just people. North Dakotans share a special bond, and this family bond runs deep.

As my summer back in North Dakota comes to a close, I look at my life with so much gratitude — for the family I was born into, for the new family members that have joined us and for all the people who are part of my extended family. I have gratitude for my community and state, my “Iron Gypsy Tribe,” and those I’ve met while living in different cities, through my travels and courses, and on my many adventures in life thus far.

Whether blood or “soul family” — I know one thing for sure. The people in our lives are “called in” for a reason.

Everyone who is part of our journey is there to help us learn what we are here to understand in this lifetime.

We are all teachers and students in this journey of life. This is what connects us as “family” — and as humans.

We’re all on this crazy journey together — learning, growing, loving and experiencing. At our core, we all have the same fears and the same limitations. And the best way I’ve found to navigate this crazy life is to help one another, focus on our shared experiences on this earth and to see one another as that — as family.

Thank you to my “family” — blood and soul — for being part of my wild, passionate journey. All of you have played a part in who I am and who I am becoming. And you make each day of this journey even better than the last.

Love and light to the Tweed family and to all!



(aka Iron Gypsy)

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