“Iron Gypsy Journey” Women’s Program


  • Have you been struggling to build a strong and healthy body that you LOVE when you look in the mirror?
  • Are you sick of starving yourself, yo-yo diets and fad fitness programs?
  • Do you feel  disconnected from the happy, confident person you are at your core?
  • Do you want to better understand yourself and what’s holding you back?
  • Do you want to – FINALLY – learn to LOVE YOURSELF? ALL OF YOU?

It’s time to free yourself from limiting beliefs and quick fixes and get off the emotional roller-coaster once and for all.  


Pre-Program Activities starting September 17
6-Week Program runs October 1 through November 10 

Iron Gypsy Group Coaching will help you build a healthier, happier YOU. You’ll be surrounded by a tribe of uplifting and FUN individuals working toward similar goals!

Over the course of this six-week program, we’ll focus on the building blocks of a vibrant and strong body, mind and spirit.

You’ll experience a one-of-a-kind, integrated approach to health and fitness that combines the benefits of  personal training, nutrition coaching, life coaching and spiritual coaching — all in one — to achieve balance, fulfillment and most importantly SELF LOVE.

This program is about more than just a drastic before and after picture. Together, we will get visible results, while creating a healthier body, increased confidence and a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Through this program, you’ll:

  • Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and barriers and master your emotions
  • Learn how to master emotional eating and make better food choices without starving yourself or sacrificing your social life or sanity
  • Learn how to train with intent so that you can increase energy and build a strong, lean, healthy body without spending hours in the gym or putting your body through unnecessary punishment
  • Learn stress management strategies to feel vibrant, youthful and focused
  • Make progress toward health markers critical to overall physical and mental health
  • Create a body that you love and the confidence to live with passion
  • Develop a deeper understanding of who you are at your core and what’s held you back from health and happiness in the past
  • Build a tribe of supportive women who will cheer you on, lift you up and motivate you toward achieving your goals
  • Receive answers to YOUR specific questions through a personal coach who CARES about your success and synthesizes all the confusing information out there in a way that is EASY to understand and implement

6 weeks + 2 bonus weeks!

  • Introductory webinar and guidebook: Everything you need to get results
  • Weekly accountability and coaching call: Along with your peer group, celebrate victories, discuss challenges and set yourself up for success
  • Weekly self-development activities: Uncover who you are at your core and create a path to aligning with the true you. Activities include journaling, meditation and self-development videos
  • Exclusive Facebook group: Access to your personal coach, daily motivation, answers to all your health and fitness questions, interaction with other health-focused and REAL people
  • Workout videos and easy-to-follow instructions: We’ll break down the movements into simple steps and focus on the intention behind them to get results quickly; progressions and modifications for all fitness levels
  • Personalized coaching: I’ll address all your specific questions and guide you toward a healthier, happier life through the weekly calls, Facebook group and in-depth resources
  • BONUS – Personalized goal-setting process: This is the key to success! During the two weeks leading up to the program, I’ll guide you through a one-of-a-kind process that gets results and aligns you with what you REALLY want out of life.

6 Week “Iron Gypsy Journey” + 2 BONUS Weeks
Special offer: $299


If you’ve always dreamed of having a personal coach, personal trainer and/or nutrition coach like the stars but don’t want to pay the crazy fees, this is the option for you! The Platinum Journey option is for those who want one-on-one, direct and priority access to Coach Tweed. This is a great option if:

  • You’ve struggled with emotional eating or other emotional or limiting beliefs and want to tackle it HEAD ON now
  • You’ve tried everything and you’re ready to go “all in” and do it right this time
  • You have specific health or physique goals
  • You want to take your lifting or nutrition to the next level
  • You want additional support and accountability
  • You’ve thought about hiring a coach, nutritionist or personal trainer and it was just WAAAAAY too expensive
  • You want or need one-on-one attention but don’t want to be locked into a specific meeting time

We’ll kick off with a customized, one-on-one assessment via phone ($100 value) to identify barriers, answer all of your questions and get you started off on the right foot.

From, there you’ll have VIP access to Coach Tweed directly via email, text or Facebook Messenger! The platinum membership option is great for those who want to progress their eating and training to a higher level by asking questions on what you need to know when you need to know it. Send me videos of lifting form. Ask me about better food choices. Allow me to help you navigate making better choices in life and overcoming limiting beliefs. This is as close as it gets to “real time” access and to having a personal coach on speed dial, short of paying crazy fees like the “stars” do!

Iron Gypsy Journey Platinum (VIP access – Only five spaces available!)
$499 for 6 Weeks + 2 bonus weeks + a one-on-one assessment

If you’ve struggled with emotional issues and want to make this journey about true self-love and loving life, I recommend one-on-one options. Contact me at kesleytweed@gmail.com for additional details and optons!

Consider this…


  • $200+ per month for group exercise
  • $200+ for a single “diet”and fitness plan
  • $100+ per session for life coaching
  • $20+ per hour for meditation classes
  • $100+ per hour for spiritual work
  • ADD IT ALL UP: That’s more than $600 in a single month, on the CONSERVATIVE SIDE! Not to mention the thousands I’ve invested in spiritual and self-development books and courses!

And now, you can learn from all my “mistakes” and take advantage of my “investment” with this revolutionary integrated approach to health, fitness and getting more out of life.

With Iron Gypsy, you get the benefit of a nutrition coach, personal trainer, sp

iritual coach and life coach at your fingertips for a FRACTION of the price! 

  • Consider ALL the time and money you’ve wasted on programs, videos, magazines, personal trainers, gadgets and other gimmicks that didn’t get results. 
  • Think of all the time, money and frustration you’ve invested in quick fixes, only to “fall off” the wagon and go backwards after you achieved your goal.
  • Think of all the years you put yourself last, only to end up feeling unhealthy, unhappy and unable to give to those you love. 

Make this time different. Make this YOUR TIME.  Invest in your health, your happiness and achieve LASTING RESULTS! 

Download Iron Gypsy Women’s Programs Pricing


*Please note that I will be traveling periodically. Power outages can occur. If this happens during a monthly call, the call will be rescheduled and additional bonus content offered to make up for any inconvenience. I do not anticipate this to be a major issue but do want the group to be aware.

(If your question is not answered here, check out the Iron Gypsy Coaching page, or email me at kesleytweed.com.)

How will Facebook groups be assigned?
You will be placed in a group with women of similar ages, lifestyles, fitness levels and interests. Availability will be a factor, but most importantly, I will be reviewing applications for those who I feel will harmonize well with one another based on their fitness goals, interest in nutrition and openness to exploring their spirituality.

What will we cover in the self-development part of the program?
The self-development content is what has yielded the most transformational results. Go deep with this, and you will transform from the inside out. To me, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS PROGRAM and what separates Iron Gypsy from everything else out there.

Through weekly journaling activities, meditation and videos you will uncover what’s been holding you back, get clear on what you want and improve your relationships. Most importantly you will LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF! Past clients have overcome battles with depression, anxiety, body image issues, grief, breakups, lack of confidence and worthiness through this program. This success can be yours if you GO DEEP and make this element of the program a priority.

How many workouts will I receive? What if they’re too easy or too difficult?
You will receive new workouts twice during the six week program in Week 1 and Week 3. This will allow you to receive a sampling of Iron Gypsy style training and allow you to implement the “Training with Intention” principles. “Training with Intention” has demonstrated amazing results with past clients. IT WILL LIKELY BE DIFFERENT FROM HOW YOU’VE TRAINED IN THE PAST. They will challenge you! I will provide modifications as necessary for those who are new to training or for those who are extremely advanced.

I’m nervous about being in a group. What if I have a personal question or confidential information?
Being part of a group is one of the greatest benefits of Iron Gypsy. You will have a chance to step outside your comfort zone and interact with others who — I promise you — will have the exact same fears. I’ve seen some amazing friendships bloom and have experienced extremely powerful interactions where women are connecting through this tribe in a way that is un-tapped in every day life. Each group has it’s own flavor, but those who are willing to share and dig deep will experience the most amazing transformations and the most powerful connections.

Also, I will be accepting  personal questions directly from  members. I will share the answer with the group, keeping personal information confidential. This will allow for all of us to learn more from one another! If one person has the question, others likely do as well!

How does the one-on-one coaching work? How is this different from the Platinum membership option?
The platinum membership options is great for those who want to progress their eating and training to a higher level by asking questions on what you need to know when you need to know it. Send me videos of lifting form. Ask me about better food choices.

One-on-one coaching is also the best option for deeper issues, limiting beliefs or emotional challenges. It can also be used for those who have specific health and fitness goals such as transitioning out of a fitness competition, a complete body transformation or overcoming emotional eating. You will receive a special, in-depth one-on-one session at the kick-off of the program with the Platinum membership.

My experience with current clients is that in ~3 sessions we can break through some significant barriers that have lasted a lifetime! One-on-one sessions are great for the following:

  • Fitness, nutrition and lifestyle assessment
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional eating
  • Post fitness competition challenges
  • Strength Training and fitness
  • Divorce
  • Self-development
  • Relationships
  • Femininity
  • Goals, values, vision
  • Fear
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Meditation
  • Career coaching
  • Strengths Finder assessment and coaching
  • Personal training (does not include mileage; dependent on gym availability and location)

Allow me to help you navigate making better choices in life and overcoming limiting beliefs. This is as close as it gets to “real time” access. Although I cannot be available 24/7 this is as close as it gets to having a personal coach on speed dial, short of paying crazy fees like the “stars” do!

How do I secure my space and pay?

Please submit the sign-up form, then send your payment via PayPal to kesleytweed@gmail.com. You will not be admitted to the program until payment has been received. Payment plans can be arranged if necessary. Please contact me for details.


What happens after the six weeks? 

After the six weeks, you will have the option to continue with the “Iron Gypsy Tribe” monthly membership option. The monthly option allows you continuous access to all the benefits of Iron Gypsy Group Coaching to help you continue on your path of growth, self-love, spiritual development and overall health and happiness. Or you can opt to repeat your initial “Iron Gypsy Journey” as many times as necessary! Some people like to attack one or two focus areas (e.g. nutrition, fitness or self-development) the first time and repeat the journey more than once to deepen in the other areas.

What if I want a custom plan? Do you do that?

Yes, I can develop custom plans that include training and nutrition for specific physique and health goals. I do not provide specific meal plans but will provide recommendations to meet specific goals. Pricing is based on needs and goals and always includes a personalized assessment and consult!

I’m interested in personal training in my home. Can you offer that?

For those in my immediate area (wherever that is considering my nomadic lifestyle), I will be offering one-on-one or group training! These sessions will be designed to educate you on proper lifting form and are not meant to be traditional personal training where you would need to rely on me to meet with you each time you lift. These sessions are designed to make you your own personal trainer! You’ll learn about proper lifting for maximum results and minimal injury, machine setup, training with intention and how to push yourself to the next level.

The price is $100 per hour for the first person and $25 for each additional attendee! Training will take place in your home, an outdoor location or a gym as available. Mileage will not be charged for roundtrip travel of less than 20 miles. Mileage will be charged at $0.50 per mile for trips beyond 20 miles.

Now taking applications for fall programs! Deadline September 1! 


Iron Gypsy Women’s Packages and Offers 


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