Reiki by Iron Gypsy

Reiki helps balance your unique energy to promote relaxation, release emotions, enhance healing of physical ailments and understand your body’s unique needs.

It promotes health, relaxation, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, clarity of mind and can ease pain and tension within the body.

My unique approach will identify specific opportunities for you to progress on your journey to health and happiness. Reiki is the perfect addition to your Iron Gypsy coaching experience, or can be used separately on your own journey of personal growth and healing.

I am Reiki Level I and II certified and continue to study with Reiki Master Yolanda Williams.

Special introductory rates:

  • 30-minute balancing: $59
  • 60-minute balancing: $119
  • 75-minute balancing and coaching session: $149

Contact me at to schedule your session. Remote and in-person sessions available.