VIP Coaching

Iron Gypsy one-on-one coaching is for those who want MORE from life and want a personal coach to help them get there.

Is this you? 

  • I want health and happiness, but I’m a busy…. (FILL IN THE BLANK…mom, executive, young professional, entrepreneur, etc.)
  • I travel for work. I can’t do this whole fitness thing, can I?
  • I NEED someone to hold me accountable — like a personal assistant for my physical and mental health!
  • I’m stressed to the max. I can’t do this anymore. Help me!
  • I need balance! Help!!!
  • I want to be in the best shape of my life and need a personal coach to take my health, fitness and nutrition to the next level. No settling! No excuses!
  • I want to take deep dive into better understanding myself and my emotions with a caring coach who can guide and support me along the way.

If you see yourself in any of the above statements Iron Gypsy VIP coaching is for you. You’ll receive all the benefits of Iron Gypsy coaching — on your schedule — and will also receive customized support and activities.

I’ll draw upon my expertise in everything from strength training to self-development to spiritual growth to provide what you need, when you need it!

I offer packages for everyone from busy executives, entrepreneurs and young professionals to moms balancing the demands of family, self and LIFE!

Start any time! Packages include a combination of workouts, nutrition coaching, self-development and stress-reduction activities, one-on-one phone/video sessions and electronic VIP access to me.

Contact me to discuss your goals and to design an Iron Gypsy Journey to meet your specific needs and schedule.